Flock … trying it again.

Well Leo Laporte, on MacBreak Weekly, said I should give Flock another try. And here I am posting from within Flock. I think I could get used to this. Although I still love Camino and Safari. ::sigh:: Will my web life ever be contained in one browser? Doesn’t look like it. Which is probably why I’m gonna have to dig into Bookdog to make sure all of my bookmarks are the same allllllll over.

2 thoughts on “Flock … trying it again.

  1. Hey geekosupremo,

    What is missing from Flock that you enjoy in Camino and Safari? Your feedback would be much appreciated!

    Evan Hamilton
    Flock Community Ambassador
    evan at flock dot com

  2. Hey Evan,

    Sorry to get back to so late. What do I miss in Camino and Safari? Well … I have to say that it’s really just interface familiarity. I’ve been using the others for so long now I am used to their design quirks.

    The RSS integration in Safari is rather nice. I think there are ways of doing it in Flock but I need to poke at that feature some more before I fully switch, although the google reader is serving as a nice supplement to me.

    And in Camino I just really like the fact that it feels like a Mac app but with the Mozilla engine.

    So really there’s nothing holding me back from embracing Flock other than some past insatiability issues. But so far these seem to have been addressed. So I’m probably gonna be a Flock-er on m home system.

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