Flock Stars are cool

Well I’m back on the Flock wagon again.  I fell off a while ago but now I’m back.  Why?  What’s so different this time?  For starters it’s rev 0.9, which is big!  And this means that most of the little bugs that I was, sadly, to lazy to work around or deal with have been fixed.  Also I’ve begun to wander the social online world a little more these days.  So the features that Flock has to offer me are now more attractive. 

I am really very pleased with this latest release.  I’m currently using the Windows version and I have yet to have anything to complain about.  Well except for the limited number of extensions but … I never used very many of them in Firefox so I’m not really missing much.  Plus all the extensios I was using are now built into Flock so I’m set.  In fact this post is writen from with in Flock.  I’ll start experiementing with Flock’s neater features soon and will let you all know how that goes.

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