Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley’s Official Site

[Update 02/19/2018]

Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley’s Official Site <– This page appears to be gone.

If you wish to view a snapshot of this you can find it on the Internet Way Back Machine –

The astonishing story of a girl that will, according to the doc’s, never be taller than 30″.  It’s hard to describe the images on this site.  They almost seem like they’re a masterful photoshop job … but they’re untouched.  A better description is surreal.  So real they’re hard to believe.

[Update 6/26/2014]

The official site has been updated and redesigned. The link at the top has been amended to reflect this.

[Update 8/11/2013]

It seems that the page this post originally linked to is no longer available.

The next best link I’ve found is a Facebook page dedicated to Kendaie Jourdin Bromley –

14 thoughts on “Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley’s Official Site

  1. Hey there Miranda. Seems you’re a busy girl, posting all sorts of “updated” pics of Kenadie and complaining that she’s getting too much press. I don’t know why you have such a bug up your butt. You would benefit from watching “The Secret”. There is enough love, money, success and happiness for everyone. If you put out good energy, good will return. If you put out negative….well, you get what you give.

    I saw Kenadie’s story on TLC a few months ago and ( like many others ) was touched by her story. I have sent an e-mail to Brianne, offering to help and am looking forward to hearing from her. Blessings from the Faerie Laedie!

  2. I just saw a very recent video of this little dwarf on youtube, she has gotten much bigger and looks sort of asexual, and kinda twitchy, jerky movements and all. For a 5 year old, her vocabulary is pretty much nothing. I know some of them are developmentally delayed, but does anyone know if there is something else wrong with her besides being a dwarf, she seems like she might be very slow.

  3. Hi, I am so Amazed at Kenadie’s progress! She is such a little doll! I love her since I seen her on TLC. Her parents are wonderful about everything! and I think she is cute! Love all the Pictures and Videos on her! Hope all of them have a Happy Easter. and have that Easter bunny give her alot of goodies with her brother. Happy Easter, Kenadie!

  4. shes an amazing little girl. gods gift. its a miracle thats shes even alive. but she made it through and for such a small person, she gives me big hopes. shes in inspiration. its just astounds me that such a tiny girl, with so many disadvantages, doesn’t even have doubts, or even realizes there are some things in life she wont ever be able to do. but she still seems so happy. and shes just so lucky to have people that never gave up on her even when everyone said she wasn’t going to make it. her parents are great people. that little kenadie, has made me smile. ❤

  5. I have been watching Kenadie for several years would like to know if TLC will be having any more programs on her the last one that I saw was March 2011 – Also if there is any updated photos of Kenadie

  6. Jennie, I’m really not sure what the current state of media coverage for Kenadie is. The offical website also appears to be down. If you find any new info that’d be great. At the moment I have too many other irons in the fire to do much further research right now.

  7. hi my name is anne rawson. I was just inquiring about kenadie. The last picture I see of her she is wearing a very pretty pink sweater and hat. I was just wondering about a follow up, how is she doing how old is she now and a pretty picture of her. If nobody gets to the email by Easter I hope the Easter Bunny is good to her thank you

  8. Hi, I was just wondering if there are any pic out of Kenadie & her brother Tyran & where do I need to go to see them? I’m mean recent pic, like 2015??? Thanks. Anne

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