Good day.

Well, with my schedule as full as it seems to be right now … re-evaluating this is just gonna have to wait.  Till then I’ll keep posting.

So today I got a raise.  Which is awesome, especially in light of the fact that I made a serious error the other day.  They are aware that it wasn’t cool, but I’ve been doing so many other things right that they decided to let me have it anyway.

Next is the show that I and few of my friends are working on getting launched.  We’ve got a long way to go but when we actually have something to show for it, you can bet your bacon it’ll show up here to.  I’ll also probably be posting up thoughts and frustrations as we go though it.

I’ll be adding some links to the blog roll … some time in the near future.  Basically if you want a more immediate view of what I’m doing you can follow me on pownce and twitter: geekosupremo at both of them.

That’s all for now.  Take care all.

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