Well well well … I’m still breathing.

I know that this doesn’t really come as a shock to any of you as most of the people that read this drivel also know me in RL. But some big things have been happening in the three months I’ve been away from this space.

  1. Finished my electronics class.
  2. Started a new website with some friends.
  3. Got freaking ENGAGED!!

That’s right. I’m not just in a long term (4 years 2 months and 9 days) loving relationship with my girlfriend; I am now on my way to being permanently in a loving relationship with my wife to be! (Who is the same person as my GF just in case I was a little too vague.) I’m so freaking excited! We’re getting married this year! Yup September 26 is our date! It’s so close I can almost taste the cake. I’ll probably be posting more about that as it happens.

Okay back to the other stuff … um … the class is done … meh.

New site. Yes, I think I have a pretty talented group of friends. And it sometimes struck me that we really don’t have many avenues to express that. So I figured a multi-author blog could be the ticket. So after some deliberation over name and content ideas we ended up at Professional Procrastinators, which is a media blog of sorts. Basically it’s out little geek space, but we really hope you like it too. I’m currently lagging on my part since I’m doing some customizing of the theme template so that our blog will look better. But once that’s mostly done I’ll be all over the blog again.

That is all I have time for right now.

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