Self Examination … and maybe a little rebuke


Today I was listening to Webcomics Weekly, specifically episode #40. Nothing unusual there. But where it gets a little interesting is when they start talking about SDCC (San Diego Comic Convention). It starts with the usual stress of getting to con and getting your stuff to con. But then one of the questions they discuss is about people who come up to them at SDCC looking for a critique. I won’t really go into what they said since you can listen to it for yourself. Suffice to say … I saw a lot of myself in some of the comments they were making. Not in the “Oh F*#%! I’m that guy” kind of way, but in the manner of the fact that I know how that guy feels. Wha? Why?

In the back of my mind I’ve always thought it’d be cool to do a comic. I’ve even dreamed up a couple of comics, like any good comic geek. But … even though I went to school for art and have a fair grasp of creative writing I’ve not turn them into anything. Is this horrible? No. But it does give me pause. Why did I go to school for art? Should I even have bothered? Because usually when I have to do art … I sluff it off and ignore it till I have almost no time to execute it … and then it’s not as good as I wanted it and have a certain amount of distaste for it. One of the few times I was actually quite pleased with how something turned out was when I did this piece [deviantart]. I did all of it within … um … 2 weeks or round about that. I felt all pumped up about it … and I haven’t really felt it since.

I realize that the “true” test of art is pushing through the dry spells … but if the dry spell lasts long enough … should one stop? I haven’t actually answered this yet … it was just something I was pondering today. My Fiancée would probably chastise me a bit for that … but that’s a separate issue. I have been busy with all manner of projects … and I wonder if I am driving myself to distraction. And if I am what am I afraid of? What is it in me that pushes away that which I was ran after?

Meh. No real answers here … just thinking out loud on the interwebs.

2 thoughts on “Self Examination … and maybe a little rebuke

  1. I know you have the stuff in ya to do it. You have all kinds of passion, you just need to tame it down to a few points sometimes. If you need someone to kikyoass about it a bit i will ,as usual, volunteer.

    It’l have to wait a while though since, for once, you have some pretty decent reasons to be distracted.

    In the end though, ya gotta follow what You want to do. There are plenty of people around you that’l help ya do that, and i’m just one of em.

  2. I really appreciate that. Oddly enough with all that is going on in my life right now … I feel more free to do some of this crap now than before. I can’t fully explain it but yeah. Again thanks for the encouragement. I may hold you up to it in the future. 😉

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