Packaging Problems

Dear Shure,

I know you’re a quality company. Your reputation is why I decided to go with your Music Phone Adapter for iPhone. I was super excited till I tried to open your packaging. I’m not sure who thought that making the sealed plastic go so close to the wire … but seriously kinda reeks of fail. Why? Well here is exhibit A:


Yup. Have to cut this thing like a surgeon to get the thing out. As you can see, it’s still in the packaging. Again why? Well I present exhibit B:

detail of cut

So yeah. This is LAME. I don’t think I’d go to Epic fail … but it does reek of fail. why is the heat seal sooooo close to the wire? You see why I stopped cutting? I was seeing copper! Not cool! Please do something about this in your future designs.

This story has a happier ending. I bought this though the store. So tonight I called them up and Shanon was really helpful and got me new one in the mail. I should be getting it on the 8th. Hopefully round two will go more smoothly. I want to use my Ultimate Ears headphones again. I miss them.

Good news! I got the second wire in short order and this time I got it out of the packaging! See below!

The proper way to cut it open!

proper cut

Note how I cut near the microphone.

proper cut detail

How it should look!


Now life is good! Although now I have to find a place for all of the extra wire that comes from this set up … but that’s a minor problem.

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