More than I could chew

I started NaNoWriMo, and I have had to re-evaluate how much of it I can complete.

Have I given up?

No, but I am being realistic about how much spare time I have to devote to this endevor. When I commited to it originally I was unemployed and was watching what little freelance work I had disappear infront of me. So I thought I had enough time. But then I got a full time – temp position, all of the freelance projects came back, and I became a DJ with my friend Joe at a college radio station. So :poof: there went the copious amounts of free time. I’m still going to write something but it’ll but a lot shorter than 50K words. As I was writing I realized that I wasn’t just “pants”ing a story I was writing charactes, researching history, proper foreign name constructions, etc on top of trying to write the novel. While many of these things aren’t “writing” and can be skiped I would have trouble being satisfied with that. This does show me how much work goes into a novel, no matter it’s level of quality.

Could I have done all of these things and written the novel?

Probably. I’m fairly certain there is enough time for it. I choose not to because

  1. Need better project/time management
  2. Need a little more planning and structure
  3. like spending time with my wife

Next year I’ll be better prepared. That’s right I said next year! I’m going to do this! I will complete a full NaNoWriMo.

Also I will post what I do write this year. It’ll be a complete story, just not a novel

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