30 days of I … – update

For those who’ve been paying attention. You’ll notice that there are only nine days posted for this experiment. I didn’t give up, and still haven’t. I have produced more than nine pieces. And I’ll still put them up. I have all of the phrases that I want to make written and they will all be done.

I, as I often am, was a bit over ambitious with this project. I didn’t quite realize how challenging it can be to make hand drawn type. Besides I have a standard of quality that I try to hold myself to. Also as I went along I got more ambitious with the layouts and type styling. So I guess the real question I have to evaluate is, what part of my goal is most important.

I think the completion of the project is the big one. I want to have completed thirty pieces of artwork. I will have thirty pieces done! They will be posted and I’ll have a nice gallery of them to call my own.

So stay tuned true believers, there is more to come.

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