Habit forming

So producing a “full fledged” piece of artwork a day was a bit over ambitious on my part. But I really enjoyed working on the images. And having a daily habit of drawing is important. So I’m taking a new spin on this daily idea.

Through LifeHacker I found out about the Hipster Habit App. A paper based “app” that help you form a new habit. I’m going to use this system to help me do a sketch a day. It will be a general sketch, no solid parameters other than I want to finish it in about 5 minutes. I will be starting this on June 1st, and continuing till I stop, which ideally will be when I can’t hold a pencil anymore. I’m not planning on posting them everyday, but I’m thinking I can put up a “digest” of a week’s worth on Saturday.

Why do I think this will be more successful than my other attempts? For starters it’s just a sketch. My past ideas led towards more finished artwork, which is more difficult and time consuming. A five minute sketch is just that, it’s by definition not fully realized or fleshed out. Which means producing it will be much less effort and I won’t get as bogged down in making it “good”. Well … that’s the idea anyway.

Thanks in advance to all of you who have supported my hair brained art schemes in the past, and look forward to them in the future.

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