This blog is mostly my personal journal. Although lately it has become a place for me to post lots of links to interesting stuff on the interweb. I’ll still post personal stuff but I’ve been running lower on time these days, it seems.

A little about me. I’m a long time computer user. My Dad used to let me bang on his IBM PC when I was two, and after he had saved and switched to a “blank” floppy. But I have only really become a “geek” in more recent years, basically around high school I started to get the bug. Although it seems I’m mainly a user, just a well informed user.

I switched to Mac in 1999, when I bought my first computer, well the first one that I actually owned. It was lick-able lime green iMac. I loved that little computer, actually I still do. My latest Mac is a PPC Mac Mini. It is also a loverly little machine. I am also a long time Windows user, been on it since 3.1. I think this gives me an interesting perspective on all of this. Mac is my preferred platform but I have a place of love for Windows. I don’t always get into what Microsoft does as a corporation but I don’t always agree with Apple either. But I do loves me the OS X and Quicksilver for teh w1n.

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