Black eye for Sony/BMG music

If you look back in my stuff you’ll find a rant about how Sony’s DRM was a pain in the butt. Well it turns out it was even worse than I imagined. If you hit the Security Now Podcast you can hear all about it. I was forunate, and I would like to believe smart enough, to avoid the problems that most of these people are having. I avoided it by not installing the software. If you own a Sony/BMG CD from the last year to six months go get Rootkit Revealer and check your system.

*note* Mac folks you’re safe from this horror of bad DRM. At least for now.*/note*

If you have it there are ways around the issue. Please read the forum listings about it carefully. I recommend the forums at Sysinternals. You can also check out the blog of Mark Russinovich about how he found and solved the problem. If you’re new to computers or not very computer literate take it slow, the article may be a bit high end for you but it should explain everything. The podcast is much more accessable so it may be the place to start. Be aware. Be smart. Be careful. But don’t worry, have fun. Life is too short to really worry.

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I have a blog …

I have a blog … but I don’t write. I want to tell stories … that I leave on the shelf. I have images in my mind I want to share … but, in fear, keep them to myself. I have …. no talent for music … so count yourselves lucky that I don’t inflict it upon you. All in all I have … so very little here. Oh yeah … I also have a sketch blog … and no new images in … months. So sad really. Oh well. Don’t mind me. This is just what my mind does to me at … *glances at the clock* 3:30 in the morning. OMG! 3:30! I’m going to bed. Gah. Such and idot. Oh well. Take care all.

Yes, I am okay. Honest.

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A good Geek day

My roommate, Jason, and I bought a niffty new Shuttle mini pc! It’s teh awesome. It is easily the most powerful computer in the house … for about 1000 dollars. They have a very nice processor and graphics card. UT 2004 maxed out … runs damn smooth. Translation. I’m a happy little geek.

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My Little Rant about DRM

I’m sure most of you have at least heard of DRM (Digital Rights Manegement) but Monday I found myself in the first real battle with it. I was wanting to import the latest Switchfoot CD (Nothing is Sound) on to my computer. I use a Dell which means I’m using Windows. But I have an iPod so I use iTunes to manage my music. All fine and well. Until Monday this presented me with absolutely no problem.

But when I pop the Switchfoot disk in … I get a strange message asking if I want to install security software. I’m thinking WTF? So I say ‘no’. Well I try to load it into iTunes … and nothing happens. ITunes was incapable of reading the disk. Now I’m befuddled. I look at the back of CD case. There is a huge copyright protection warning on the back. I am still confused … why should that be an issue? It’s a legitimate CD … brand new … Again what the heck?!

Then I spy an unusual box on the back. It is giving a list of the compatible items for the disk; iTunes is not listed! It would only work with MS Media Player! I was stunned. It was too weird to me that this would even be an issue. I did notice that the disk was ‘OK’ for Macs. So I borrowed Elaine’s, beautiful, Powerbook and made a CD copy so that I can put it on my computer. God bless Macs.

My beef:

That the CD producer (Sony BMG) saw fit to cut out a significant portion of the listening audience. Did they miss the fact that the iPod is the most popular portable music player, for Windoz and Mac? WMAs don’t play on iPods. Sure I could buy a player that play WMAs … but I have an iPod, why would I want anything else. Yes, I could buy the music from the iTunes music store … but I wanted the CD. Why should I be forced to ‘pirate’ the CD just to put it on my iPod?! To who ever is incharge of Sony BMG … What were you thinking?! The dual format disk was bad enough. But this?! Please just make a damn CD that will just work. >.

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Not much news … because I’m boring

But thanks to the internet there are far more interesting things to read. Like this quote that is almost too beautiful for words.

We’ve heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce the complete works of Shakespeare; now, thanks to the Internet, we know that is not true.
– Robert Wilensky

Thank you Mr. Wilensky for saying what we have all known but were too afraid to say.

Revolution Controller Finally Revealed News Story From

Revolution Controller Finally Revealed News Story From

OMFG! WTF is it? I donno … but I like it. ^_^

Seriously though. it’s the new controler from Nintendo. My first impression is a healthy dose of WTF. But as I read on … this could be very bad ass. Or it could end up like the DS touch screen, very cool but under used.

I have to say that this sorta solidifies da Big N as the Apple of the gaming world. They are taking chances that no one would dream of, an all USB connected computer any one?, and then finding a way to make it work. I just hope this doesn’t kill Nintendo like the DreamCast killed Sega. It is possible to be too far ahead of the curve. Still … I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on one. ^____^

Labor Day weekend = Best weekend EVER!

Yes. Best weekend to date. I think the birth of my first child will probably be the only thing to posibly vie for this position. Some of you know that the LDYR (Labor Day Youth Rally) is a yearly tradition of mine. So what could make this one so much better than the others. Well … basically it all came down to about 5 min worth of actual effort a little before midnight. Because about 11:20 or so I baptiezed my lovely girlfiend Elaine.

Yes, I baptiezed her. I was so excited and nervous, we had over 100 other people watching us, that my friends on the side had to feed me the lines, which is moderately embarassing but since this is the first one I’ve ever done I guess it’s not too bad. Elaine has some coverage and a picture on her blog. This is an espeically big moment for myself because it represents a fundamental shift in our relationship. It’s a good thing, a very good thing. For I have to admit that I have been scared of gettin too close to her … for fear that our religious differnences would drive us apart. Also I know that the ‘date to convert’ dynamic is flawed at best. But, praise God, He’s smarter than I am and far wiser. He knew what he was doing and He knew why he was doing it. Now I sit here … still barely able to contain my excitement.

Probably the next biggest benefit after gaining a new sister in Christ is that I now have no fear about letting her deeply into my life. I miss her more now that I was able to during our first year. Not that I didn’t miss her … but now … if we separate at all it’s like cutting out part of my heart. I know … I know, “Ack! Gag me with a spoon. This is far to sacrin for my blood.” But it’s true. It feels like part of me becomes dull and hollow when she’s gone. Like right now … which is probably why I’m more gushy than I normally may be. I begin to understand Tom Cruise’s elation. I think I have him beat though. I get to celebrate long after the stars fall from the sky. I will be able to spend eternity chatting with her, loving her and generally being a friend, which is too wonderful for words. Ha! Top that Mr. Cruise! Am I an eliteist … thinking I’m gonna go to Heaven with her … yeah probably. But God says that it is His plan and wish that we are there so … I’ll hold on to that thankyouverymuch.

Now … I find myself remembering verses and random bits of biblical scholerly information. I know for a fact that I am not this smart so I can only guess that it is God giving me these words for her, and myself. This week following Labor Day has been one of the most amazing ever. Every moment I have with Elanie is better and more beautiful that I could have ever imagined. if anything her kisses are even better. ^____^ ::drool:: Kisses … … Ahem. Sorry. She is always on my mind and I can feel her now deeply in my heart. I am the most blessed dude on the planet! Well …yeah why not! I am! w00t!

I guess I’ll stop there I could go on … and I probably will in the furture. But that’s all for now. Take Care all. God bless.

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