A bit of creative writing … ya know. for fun-zies

One of the blogs I follow is, Write to Done, which is about encouraging writers. As part of that goal they sometimes have “Scene Stealers“, where the post author starts a scene and then we finish it, in 350 words or less. Today I participated. Here are the results.

The tiny park was almost deserted. Boundary walls, lawn, play area. Two toddlers throwing sand at each other, their mothers or nannies chatting next to them, strollers put aside. Nobody else – not even a gardener or dog or cat.

But the note had been emphatic: “Be there at 1pm. At 1:14, you will get the scoop of a lifetime.”

I fidgeted and glanced at my watch. 1:14pm. Suddenly there was a pierceing flash of light, and a wave of force so strong I felt it move my car. I stepped outside and waited for the world to reach visual cohesion. I kept trying to look for the park but as my vision cleared I realized, there was no park. A perfectly round and semi-sphereical crater was where the park should have been.

In the center was an object, like a coffin off the set of some science fiction blockbuster. It was smooth on the outside, but underneath was a textured surface, like a scarab shell, it even refracted the sun light in that familar way.

I’ve seen this movie, I know it’s damned stupid to touch it; but I felt drawn to it. Against my better judgement I was kneeling next to the thing. I touched the surface of it with a trembling hand, my brain screamed at me to stop. When my full palm and fingers were in contact, it lit up like a CES demo device.

After a moment, the object emitted the hiss of released gas. I lept back, and watched as half of the object tilted toward me, making it’s coffin analogy complete. A figure sat up, it was draped in some sort of cloth, similar to the textured part of the shell. An appendage moved and pulled the material away. I hid my face. This will change everything, I thought.

A moment later I heard a voice in my head. “You’re right. Things will change I am the answer to that great question.”

I peeked through my fingers. “Which one?”, I squeeked.

“Are you alone in the universe.”

Habit forming

So producing a “full fledged” piece of artwork a day was a bit over ambitious on my part. But I really enjoyed working on the images. And having a daily habit of drawing is important. So I’m taking a new spin on this daily idea.

Through LifeHacker I found out about the Hipster Habit App. A paper based “app” that help you form a new habit. I’m going to use this system to help me do a sketch a day. It will be a general sketch, no solid parameters other than I want to finish it in about 5 minutes. I will be starting this on June 1st, and continuing till I stop, which ideally will be when I can’t hold a pencil anymore. I’m not planning on posting them everyday, but I’m thinking I can put up a “digest” of a week’s worth on Saturday.

Why do I think this will be more successful than my other attempts? For starters it’s just a sketch. My past ideas led towards more finished artwork, which is more difficult and time consuming. A five minute sketch is just that, it’s by definition not fully realized or fleshed out. Which means producing it will be much less effort and I won’t get as bogged down in making it “good”. Well … that’s the idea anyway.

Thanks in advance to all of you who have supported my hair brained art schemes in the past, and look forward to them in the future.