This one has been hard to fully accept. I’m accepting my flaws more, but sometimes I get hung up on them. It’s an old problem and it is one that seems to affect creative types. Ze Frank great quote “Perfectionism may look good in his shiny shoes. But a little bit of an a**hole and no one invites him to their pool parties.” I would say that perfectionism is not just an a**hole he’s a bully and will beat the life and joy out of you … if you let him. If you stand up to him, accept that you will never be perfect he becomes more like that one coach who believes in you so much that wants to push you to be even better. But you can’t let him become a bully again, let your quest for improvement be that, and not a quest for perfection, because that is an unattainable goal.

These are calls to action, and action is rarely perfect.

This drawing was done in “one take” there was very little planning and no erasing. My goal was to let it exist as it came out no more no less. It just happened to work out really well for what I was trying to express.

Here is Ze Frank’s video – it’s rather good (NSFW – Language)

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Day 6 – I am not perfect and that’s ok

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This is the start of my project of self affirmation. The first week or so will be more fundamental statements about myself. As I go on I will probably release my sense of humor a bit more. I wanted to start with fundamental statements because you can’t build anything without a foundation.

So this is where I begin, I am my own person. I cannot be anyone else but me, and I need to be at peace with that. I am myself, strengths and flaws.

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Day 1 – I am my own person.

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There is Only One Way Out – Dealing with the Fear of Failure

This starts with Adam Savage:

This video really hits me where I live, as the kids say. The speaker is Milton Glaser (his page, wikipedia) an icon in the design field, one of his most recognizable pieces of work is the I ❀ NY logo. And while he isn’t saying anything that hasn’t been said … for me it spoke to where I see myself as an artist/designer/person in process of growing.
The good news is, this is totally possible! Growth is achievable!
The bad news is There is some guaranteed failure.

:record scratch needle drop:

Me: Whut!
Truth Speaker: Yah, there’s going to be some failure.
Me: I’m not sure I like this any more.
Truth Speaker: Tough. But honestly is it so bad?
Me: Kinda :kicks at the dirt:
Truth Speaker: Stop that. Look. Really look. The people you admire, they failed.
Me: ORLY! :defiant arm cross: They ain’t failing now.
Truth Speaker: :glare: Look at the early early part of the archives on PVP [ Then & Now ] or the early part of Zap In Space [ Then & Now ]. Does this blow your mind?
Me: S’okay
Truth Speaker: Look closely. These pages are far from perfect. They were the best work that could be done at the time but they are not perfect. There is room for growth. When the artists look back at these they often feel a bit chagrined. They see how far they have come. You know how they got there?
Me: Yah. School!
Truth Speaker: Yes, instruction helps. But they got there by doing something, not quite making it the way they wanted and then trying again. Each time gets closer to the goal they seek to achieve. They failed repeatedly. But they didn’t let the failure define them.
Me: Ya but –
Truth Speaker: Hm?
Me: It’s hard.
Truth Speaker: It is. It is always hard. It gets easier, but it’s always hard. For you, it is harder to get started, with your personality type and the baggage you carry. But it’s not any harder than it is for anyone else. It may look different, and someone may have a smaller bag to put down, but you don’t know how dense the weight in it is. It could be full of lead shackles from ridicule and an unsupportive home life. We’re all carrying something. The sooner we put it down the sooner we can pick up the things we want to carry.
Me: ‘spose you’re right.
Truth Speaker: You know I am. A failure doesn’t make you a failure. Continuing to fail without changing makes you a failure. So get up. Yes, you’re going to fall, but get up. When you get up you don’t fail. When you get up, you get to try again. Embrace the failure. See it for what it is. Move on with the knowledge you gained.
Me: And I get scared.
Truth Speaker: It can be scary. It puts you in a place of vulnerability. That is always kinda scary. But it’s worth it. When you’re out there, it will be you that is appreciated. And if they don’t like you, well they aren’t going to. And if they don’t like you but you are yourself they will at least respect you. And those that do accept you will love you. The real you. Not a facade, not a prop, not an expectation, just you. You are enough.
Me: I am?
Truth Speaker: Always. You are worth dying for. And more than that you are worth living for. Say it to me.
Me: I am enough. I’m going to fail, but I’m not a failure. I will stand up and move forward. I define myself. I am enough.

I Wrote a Comment

I have been listening to The Pixar Podcast for a little while now, and have greatly enjoyed it. And with the growing buzz around Brave I was interested to see the trailer and hear the hosts thoughts. I recommend checking out episode sixty-one (or at least watching the trailer) before reading too much on. Ya know for context.

Now that you’ve done that, below are my thoughts.

Brave vs. The Princess “Problem”

Derrick, et. all;

I appreciated you finding and acknowledging a female perspective on the state of animated features and the roles women have in them. It still bugs me a bit that the female lead has to prove that that she’s as tough/strong/smart as a man to be accepted. I do think it is a good thing to show that a woman is a man’s equal but why is it always on a man’s terms or referencing what are traditionally masculine activities, fighting, shooting, hunting, etc. Why not show more females who are female and equal without being “one of the guys”? That is one thing that I think Tangled did pretty well. Rapunzel is accepted as herself and that was her strength. She wasn’t above a little violence, she did smack “Flynn” Eugene around with the frying pan. And yet when presented with a insane situation like the Snugly Duckling’s band of brigands her dream and heart are what turned them to her aid instead of flaying Flynn. A good example of a strong female character, is Nani from Lilo and Stich. She is never shown as having to be “one of the guys” to be accepted and ultimately it is her being herself, being open and strong, that helps bring everything together for the happy ending.

There’s not a thing wrong w/ the “tough lady” characters, Ripley is one my faves, although it seems like that’s given more social weight, and I think it would be worthwhile to have more strong female leads who don’t need to be “a dude but better looking”. I would want a woman to have the same freedom of choice as a man would, if she wants to be rough and tumble more power to her. If she wants to be a more “traditional” lady that should also be fine. And again she should not have to prove herself “a man” to be free to choose her place.

I admit I’m making some assumptions about the plot of Brave, which are something of a stretch given that all that I’ve seen is the trailer. I also acknowledge that I will probably go and see this movie and enjoy it. I also believe that my assumed enjoyment of the film does not absolve film makers of stretching themselves and making other types of characters. There is a bit of dialog from the trailer that does give me a lot of hope for this story, “I want my freedom!”, “But are you willing to pay the price for your freedom?”. I think that is a theme that can really be built upon, and I hope they don’t show her paying the price of freedom with her femininity. You shouldn’t have to lose who you are to be free.