Author Interview with Alina Sayre

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Alina Sayre, author of The Iluminator’s Gift. A fantasy novel for 9-14 year olds.

Synopsis of the novel:

Ellie is a twelve-year-old orphan who desperately wants a family. She just doesn’t expect to find one when she joins the crew of The Legend, a flying ship in a secret rescue fleet. On board, she meets a boy with a pet tarantula, a bully with eyes like mirrors, and a librarian who can read eighteen languages. Unexpectedly, Ellie also discovers a powerful gift that only she can wield. But when The Legend is called to a dangerous rescue mission, Ellie risks losing everyone she loves. Will her mysterious gift be enough to save her and her friends from a deadly enemy bent on destroying their world?

Follow her authoring adventures!

A New Challenger!

Well we added a new player to our weekly gaming session.  It was pretty cool.  She’s a human rouge and her first combat action was an epic win, crit with a dagger thrown through a wall of magical darkness.  Yup pretty cool.  Plus it’s nice to see the group expand a little, fresh blood can make a game session much more interesting.  I look forward to seeing what she can do when the rules become less of a stumbling block.

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