On my way back to work from lunch I saw something … unique.  I saw a new Toyota Camry with the license plate of THACO.  Without any reference my first thought is Nerrrrrrrrrd!  But then I was struck by the thought … Which is nerdier?  The nerd who puts THACO on a license plate or the nerd who sees T. H. A. C. 0. 
I’m not sure I want to know the answer.

Stuff found over the long weekend

I didn’t do it all myself, I was too busy eating and hanging out with friends and family.

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Tips from LifeHacker

Money Saving Stratagies – LifeHacker

Moliskine Planner Hack – PlannerHack via LifeHacker

Tweak UI: Windows tutorial – LifeHacker

Get Organized with Remember the Milk – LifeHacker

60 Seconds to better photos – idigitalphoto via LifeHacker

Get your Drivers Together – LifeHacker

MouseAway – MouseAway via LifeHacker – it’s a little utility that keeps your mouse cursor out of the way of your typing.

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Facinating bits of digital as brought to my eyes by Boing Boing

Internet Relationship Gone Wrong – LA Weekly

Halloween Art Hollywood Style – LA Weekly

American Law: The Enforced and the Less So – Slate

Save Hangar 1 – Telstar Logistics

Danger! Danger, Bloggers and Reporters! – Boing Boing

Time Bandits Time Map – Boing Boing (I want one of these!)

w00t – Bob Ostertag – an album of Katari level chaos with references to games of history, it’s a sound collage so not for everyone.

Favicon Generator – – make your own favicon for your web page

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