Excited, but not a Fanboi … well not completely anyway

It’s coming.
It’s coming soon!
It’s coming June 11th! w00t!
The only bad news is that at currenty pay rates … I won’t beable to get on till like 2040. Okay so that’s a little exaggeration. But seriously it’s a ways off for me. ::sniff:: Oh well. As long as I can get a better phone to hold me over till I can get one of those I’ll be happy. My current phone is well … not so good. It ain’t a bad phone … it’s just not a good one either. It’s really really functional. But I’m after more function than it can give right now. ::sigh:: Oh well good things come to those who wait right?

Neat stuff on the Net!

I am always on the quest for cool, neat, and or fun/funtional.  So here’s some more of that stuff:

http://typetester.maratz.com/ – This handy dandy shiny cool little app will make your websites look much better and be easier to read.  Why?  Less of the annoying guessing that can be typesetting on the web.  In desktop apps you can see the text change right on the screen or make a ton of copies and then mess when them till you like the look.  And that all happens in real time.  With web type, it’s input parameters, save, reload.  Unless you use a WYSIWYG {What You See Is What You Get} editor like Dreamweaver or iWeb, in which case you’ll be seeing the changes in real time.  But even then this will help shorten the time to ‘print’ because you can preview several options all at once.

http://www.csstype.com/ – a tool similar in function to typetester, but not quite as many views.  Still kinda neat way to maybe go deeper on one style.

http://stikkit.com/ – This is an amazing app.  It is digital postits that you can send to others or use to collaborate on or just keep yourself “on target” even if you’re away from your iCal!  And it’s free!

Wii-ly cool

Sorry about the reallllly cheezy pun … I just couldn’t resist.

Anyway I found this little animation from Digg. It is a fan film devoted to what some think will be the next big thing. Although if Sony can actually deliver on the promises it made at the Tokyo Game Show, it will be a force to be reconnded with. But with fans as dedicated as this person, Nintendo is also a force, kinda like Apple. It may be “smaller” but it is dedicated.

Fly Pentop … interesting but actually fly?

Fly Pentop
This is an interesting concept … but has possibly the most annoying website ever.  Why?  The actors really look like they’re acting … plus I doubt if any of those people would be within 500 feet of this thing on a normal day.  Besides the nearly all audible response while useful … makes the thing possilby the most annoying thing that will ever enter a class room right after the cell phone.  I can only imagine the face of the math teacher that has to hear the voice of that machine for an hour.  I almost want to break it … and all did was do one of the demos on the website.  That said it’s an interesting idea … but it would benefit from a screen for display as an option to the audio.