Today’s Been Full of Inspriation

Today’s inspiration is from Kazu Kibuishi

Followed by awesome insight from Alexandria Neonakis

And then Mr. Kibuishi further blew my mind away with

But wait there’s more! This Back to Work ( link ) was all about success, getting things accomplished and not freaking out while doing so.

And  all of this just further backs up what my wise and loving wife has been telling me.

And and all further supports what it seems like God is telling me through my dreams.

“Go! Make the things you dream. Trust I will provide. Work hard on the things that keep you fed. Work hard on the things that feed your soul.”

Habit forming

So producing a “full fledged” piece of artwork a day was a bit over ambitious on my part. But I really enjoyed working on the images. And having a daily habit of drawing is important. So I’m taking a new spin on this daily idea.

Through LifeHacker I found out about the Hipster Habit App. A paper based “app” that help you form a new habit. I’m going to use this system to help me do a sketch a day. It will be a general sketch, no solid parameters other than I want to finish it in about 5 minutes. I will be starting this on June 1st, and continuing till I stop, which ideally will be when I can’t hold a pencil anymore. I’m not planning on posting them everyday, but I’m thinking I can put up a “digest” of a week’s worth on Saturday.

Why do I think this will be more successful than my other attempts? For starters it’s just a sketch. My past ideas led towards more finished artwork, which is more difficult and time consuming. A five minute sketch is just that, it’s by definition not fully realized or fleshed out. Which means producing it will be much less effort and I won’t get as bogged down in making it “good”. Well … that’s the idea anyway.

Thanks in advance to all of you who have supported my hair brained art schemes in the past, and look forward to them in the future.

30 days of I … – update

For those who’ve been paying attention. You’ll notice that there are only nine days posted for this experiment. I didn’t give up, and still haven’t. I have produced more than nine pieces. And I’ll still put them up. I have all of the phrases that I want to make written and they will all be done.

I, as I often am, was a bit over ambitious with this project. I didn’t quite realize how challenging it can be to make hand drawn type. Besides I have a standard of quality that I try to hold myself to. Also as I went along I got more ambitious with the layouts and type styling. So I guess the real question I have to evaluate is, what part of my goal is most important.

I think the completion of the project is the big one. I want to have completed thirty pieces of artwork. I will have thirty pieces done! They will be posted and I’ll have a nice gallery of them to call my own.

So stay tuned true believers, there is more to come.

This one has been hard to fully accept. I’m accepting my flaws more, but sometimes I get hung up on them. It’s an old problem and it is one that seems to affect creative types. Ze Frank great quote “Perfectionism may look good in his shiny shoes. But a little bit of an a**hole and no one invites him to their pool parties.” I would say that perfectionism is not just an a**hole he’s a bully and will beat the life and joy out of you … if you let him. If you stand up to him, accept that you will never be perfect he becomes more like that one coach who believes in you so much that wants to push you to be even better. But you can’t let him become a bully again, let your quest for improvement be that, and not a quest for perfection, because that is an unattainable goal.

These are calls to action, and action is rarely perfect.

This drawing was done in “one take” there was very little planning and no erasing. My goal was to let it exist as it came out no more no less. It just happened to work out really well for what I was trying to express.

Here is Ze Frank’s video – it’s rather good (NSFW – Language)

My Daily Draw


Day 6 – I am not perfect and that’s ok

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