Early Addoption Challenges

Some of you in the realms of geek have probably seen or heard of the pictures of the burned out “MagSafe” power connection on the new MacBook Pro. If you haven’t click here. Some might say that this is another reason why Mac suck, the idea of form over function. While there may be some criticism over it … I think it just looks like another sideaffect of being an early adopter.
Consider all the people who bought “HD” TVs 4 or so years ago. As is stands now there may not be any way to put actual HD content on them, since many of the DRM features of the new HD media rely on digital connections to the device. This means DVI or HDMI connectors, no more component wires. It is not that the HD TV purchase was espeially bad … but as the technology started to become ‘standard’ the pre ‘standard’ set are out in the cold.
But getting back the whole MacBook thing. This is also an excellent example of Apple’s continued attempts to offer the best customer support in the industry. The post text is pretty interesting too.

Missing Her

Hm… is it a ‘bad’ sign when you curl up with the pillow that she used the night she stayed over, to sleep? Or better yet sleep in the bed she used? Or that when you find that she left one of her hairs on the counter of the bathroom you put it back after cleaning it, to help support the illusion that she’s just stepped out for a gallon of milk and will be back momentarily? Well if that’s a ‘bad’ sign then I gladly accept it as a good thing. Because I would not want to remove these feelings for anything. I would not wish to go back to the way things were. I find it hard to imagine my life without her. ::sigh::

On the plus side, I get to see her tomorrow. She’s coming over for presents! Hurray! I can’t wait. I’ve been butsting at the seems trying not to keep one buying things for her. Also trying to contain my excitement of giving them too her. Yeeee! Can’t wait! Just a few short hours more.

Change of Plan

Okay folks, change of plan. I was going to have you my ‘devoted public’ vote, but then I decided, I’m just going to go with my current idea. The others may be good but they’ll need more polish before they can leave the shop. Now it would be easy to pick one of those, then if I didn’t put anything up it would be easy, since everything would be in the ‘planning’ stage. This idea is riskier … if for no other reason than it forces me to do work now. Wish me luck everyone. I hope to have a basic page ready by next week.

The End!

Thank you soo much to my girlfriend for being patient and kind and so much more. But most of all thank you for being you.

Today marks the offical beginning of my winter break! w00t! Hot Damn and all those good experssions! Yep. Today was the last day I had to show up at school, it was “Art Productions Clean up Day” aka. “We’re too cheap to hire real janitors so we’ll get students to do it day”. Although some how I expect that the Art Productions class, once a long time ago, the class was more like how the TA is now, but that is just speculation. Either way I’m done. 17 units are in the clear … granting that I pass my segment 3 classes. ::looks to heaven:: Please? All I ask for is a ‘C’. Sure it drags on the GPA but your GPA doesn’t get you a job … your portfolio does. Well if you’re an artist at least.

Speaking of art. This is the beginning of winter break. That means that I have from now until Jan. 25 to hav something done on my comic. Although now I’m kinda torn. I have 3 good, well I think they’re good, ideas. Hm….. My oldest idea? My Sci-Fi idea? My newest idea? or my other vampire story? Okay so I have 4 ideas. Hm… well maybe tomorrow I’ll post a link to some descrtiptions of the ideas and all of you who actually read this… thing can vote via comment. Should work. Okay that’s my other goal for tomorrow. Write quick descriptons of the stories and put them somewhere you can read them. I also need to design the page and start drawing. Hm… I may be doing the Newest idea first, since it is currently closest to being ready for production. But I may take a break from it now and then to do little stories from the others. ^_^ Anyway I’ll work that out later. Till then take care all.

MPAA … scared

Why BitTorrent scares the MPAA.

It is also this from of logic that should have protected Napster and other file share programs. Although the real clincher for BT is that BT has absolutely no centralization. There is not ‘one’ BT server, all BT users are servers. Such an elegant and powerful idea. I love it! Plus it makes getting fan subs a joy! Hurray! But support your anime! Buy DVDs they aren’t thatexpensive.


I was talking with one of my friends today. She was asking how I was doing, since she’s one of the few people who read this. I am doing alright. I’ve been better, but I’m alright. Then I said something about not wanting any pity. She said that I was practially begging for it in some of these posts, I’m guessing more so in the current period. If I have come across this way I’m sorry. I have a bad habit of ‘saying’ what I feel. I guess that could lead to some misunderstandings. So I’ll try to keep the angst quotent to a minimum. I may even cut it out all together. Hm. That might force me to stop being such a whiney bitch. Well it’s worth a shot. Sorry for the misunderstandings. I’ll hopefully post something interesting later.

Hm… Two Emotional Breakdowns in one day. That has to be a record.

Yep. It’s finals time. And this year is the a~ end of a semester. I had two, count’em two!, emotional break downs today. Plus I got all angsty at my girlfiend (I really do not like it when I do that). And yesterday I found out there may be a chance that I won’t be graduating next semester. So … yeah … fun … happy … times … Holy Fadkandlkfjapvwlkn;bopiupoenas;dljpsdiu! ::head bangs against desk:: When does the hurting stop.

I am rather wallowing in my self pitty but … blah. I am almost beyond caring. Not quite but almost. I will never be quite so happy to get the hell out of a semester as I am about this one. UGH! Now I need to go write some crap-tastic essays.

Always on spell checking, for those not running Linux or Mac OS X

One of my favorite little features of the Mac OS X (that’s pronounced ‘ten’) is that is has a spellchecker as part of the basic OS functionality. It doesn’t sound like much … but it will save your bacon in message boards and in IM conversations. Constant and instant spellcheck is invaluable. So those not using Mac OS X or Linux there is hope for you. Head on over to TinySpell and down load a nifty little program. Save yourself the time, embarrassment and annoyance of having to open Word just to check a spelling word.

If you don’t like downloading things you can also go to spellcheck.net or to OneLook.com Both are excellent free web based spell checks, OneLook will also give you definitions and links to other dictionaries and other online resources. The advantage to TinySpell is that it doesn’t need to be online to work. ^_~ Have fun spell better!