Stuff found over the long weekend

I didn’t do it all myself, I was too busy eating and hanging out with friends and family.

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I’ve been way behind in my blogs …

I’ve been way behind in my blogs, the ones I subscribe to not write.  As such there is a glut of things that I think I should pass on to you folks.  So I’ll get on with it so I can get back to my own writing.

AP busts Comcast – BoingBoing

Strange Japanese Safety Garment
– BoingBoing

Toxic Garbage Island – Boing Boing – Could Snow Crash be truer than we thought?

Awesome Dog – Boing Boing – This dog is cooler than yours.

Anatomy of a Balloon-Dog – Boing Boing – It’s a bit of WTF but it’s funny.

Funny, in a sad sorta way, pic – Boing Boing

A Rational Religious Guy – Boing Boing – no it’s not an oxymoron, when I read the book I’ll go more in depth.

Robot Pwonage – Boing Boing – Hmm, maybe they’re not quite ready for the battle field.

Steampunk Source Images – Boing Boing – Behind the iron door of doom … is a thing of beauty.

I Can Has Writez Prowgrams – Boing Boing – LOL Cats programing language.

Cute Gone Wrong – Boing Boing – Just in time for Halloween, Critters gone creepy!

Creepy Squid … With Teeth! – Boing Boing – It’s just weird …

Whew.  Now I’m up to date on  You all should check it out for your selves.

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Facinating bits of digital as brought to my eyes by Boing Boing

Internet Relationship Gone Wrong – LA Weekly

Halloween Art Hollywood Style – LA Weekly

American Law: The Enforced and the Less So – Slate

Save Hangar 1 – Telstar Logistics

Danger! Danger, Bloggers and Reporters! – Boing Boing

Time Bandits Time Map – Boing Boing (I want one of these!)

w00t – Bob Ostertag – an album of Katari level chaos with references to games of history, it’s a sound collage so not for everyone.

Favicon Generator – – make your own favicon for your web page

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Wierd Wonders of the Web

I’m gonna start classifying some of the more random links I get into the title catagory. That way they will be easier for everyone to find. Okay here’s the list.

  • I Hate Young People – A look at the generation gap, in video, rather amusing.
  • My Kid Could Paint That – A documentary about a 4 year old girl who paints like a “modern master”. Could be interesting.
  • Fair Use Economy – A study by they CCIA (Computer and Communications Industry Association). Donno much about the organization but their summary is quite interesting. They claim that the fair use economy represents 1/6 of the U.S. GDP.
  • A Mario Level that Plays itself – Kinda self explanatory, but great fun to watch.

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