Making space!

The time has come to move some of the things that I haven’t touched in a long time on. If you are a good home for these items let me know – caleb [at] calebfong [dot] com

Behold the items that could be yours!

Gaming pieces

  • CLAIMED  LotR: Fellowship of the Ring strategy war game, this one is a lot you get the whole clutch, figures & rule book. – $80 FREE
    picture of the offered pieces and rule book
  • CLAIMED Space Marine Typhoon Landspeeder – $10 FREE
    picture of the box, and the un-assembled parts
  • CLAIMED Skaven Night runners – $10 FREE
    picture of the box and un-assembled figures
  • GONE 7th Sea cards (also a lot) factions in the box: The General, Explorers Society, Crimson Rogers. – $negotiable 40? FREE
    picture of the offered cards