One Positive Thing a Day

I have a personal struggle with allowing myself the option to be imperfect. I know that sounds very odd but if you look back over some of my post you may see this a something of a trend. I have a hard time with the small “failures” that go into almost any project. These thoughts are incredibly unrealistic and understand this in my mind but I don’t quite feel it in my soul.

So in an effort to see myself as something other than a messy failure my loving wife has challenged me to looking for the positive things I can do. I have pushed this challenge to a year. One year of finding at least one thing positive about myself.

This was the first. – the rest will be on a separate page … and may show up as posts too –

  • I give a pretty good massage. (My wife says I should upgrade that to “excellent”) – 9/1/09
  • I’m fairly adept with technology – 9/2/09
  • Got the the things done at lunch that I intended to. Including getting food. – 9/3/09
  • Today’s is easy. My wife loves me. Re-e-e-e-elly loves me. – 9/4/09
  • Rode my skateboard around during lunch. – 9/4/09 bonus