Pacific Rim – I love it!

I came for the robot/monster fights I stayed for the joy of it! This is a quintessential summer film. It’s not high art but it is high octane fun! In my mind Guillermo del Toro takes it above an average summer blockbuster, his is more of a labor of love, a sense of craft that makes it more enjoyable. Which is not to make it sound high brow, it’s mostly good fun, but really well done fun. Ehh. I’m droning on here. Let’s cut to the chase.

Do you like giant robots? Yup!

Do you like Kaiju (wikipedia link) movies? Yup!

Do you like Guillermo del Toro’s visual style and story telling? Heck yeah!

If you also answered some from “yes” to these questions then Go see this movie!

I also recommend seeing it in IMAX 3D if you can, it is fantastic!

If you want to hear the Tested crews “Spoilercast” on Pacific Rim check it out here – – They much more eloquently express my feelings of joy about the film

So it’s NaNoWriMo time

So it’s November. It came quick. But that’s not whet I’m writing about. Right now I’m procrastinating on NaNoWriMo. Because writing is easy, you just stare at the blank screen until little drops of blood appear on your forehead. Hahahaha … almost.

Writing is skill and art. And because it’s a skill it’s not _easy_. It seems easy, “Ya, ya’know … just write. yeah?” But it’s not quite that. Well not quite for me, right now anyway. I’ll admit there’s a pretty good chance I’m over thinking this. This is supposed to be fun. A chance to cut loose and let the words fly. Yeah. Right now I feel like I’m writing in a circle. I am not sure where to go or how to get there. This tells me I’m way over thinking it.

NaNoWriMo is about the “shity first draft”, that thing you plop on a page to then be dissected down to useful parts and rebuilt. It is not a finished product in and of itself. To get to the end of the project is the goal. A 50,000 word novel. It’s quite do able. Especially if you stop over thinking it.

I think I’m feeling the pressure because I’m about a day and a half behind on my word count, the goal is 1800 a day. I need to let go of _having_ to meet that goal. That and maybe spend a few more moments on a more solid plot arc. Too few plot points to aim for. I think that’ll be tomorrow’s lunch project.

Anyway, I’m not giving up. Just griping a bit. Thanks for “listening”.